The New Pomona

Liz Copas

Now extended to include Cider apples from all the cider growing counties; Somerset, Devon, Dorset, Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Hereford and Worcester. And the new 21st Century Cider Apples, the Girls.
Due out in hardback this autumn.

Liz Copas, Cider Pomologist at Long Ashton Research Station and Orcharding Advisor for the National Association of Cider Makers for many years, has put together this extended edition of the Pomona

So much has happened in the cider world since 1999 when the first edition was published. This book comes at a time when cider drinking and cidermaking has never been so popular and the conservation of traditional values and preservation of regional distinctiveness is imperative. The continued success of our craft ciders depends so much on the raw material, cider apples.

This book describes the merits of a wide range of apples that the average hunter-gatherer cidermaker might be able to find and gives a little help in tracking them down and identifying them.
Over 160 varieties are described together with their cider making qualities, all with full colour photos, line drawings and keys to aid identification.

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As well as a respected horticulturalist and botanist, Liz is also a gifted artist and her botanical illustrations have garnered numerous prizes from the A.P.S and a silver medal from the RHS. Examples of her work may be viewed by selecting Artwork from the above menu.